Save the game we love!

After seven great years, our legacy CTF server will close on August 1st, 2024, marking the end of an era we're grateful to have shared with you. We can no longer cover the costs ourselves, but it cannot end here! It must not. We need your help to sustain Wize's Next-Gen Capture the Flag—the future of CTF! Our game is better than ever. Huge thanks to all of our donors! We aren't saving the world, but we are saving a beautiful little corner of it. Here's a glimpse of what's ahead…

What about ranks and perks?

Yes! We love perks. But ranks are dumb. 😜 They're so dumb they couldn't even make it to the fun'raiser party! Our goal is sustaining this amazing thing we've built together. Every donor gets a green "founder's diamond" in their nametag AND will start Next-Gen Wize at Level 3 with the new "Copper Coast" Armor Trim. Monthly donors get an "Elite Boss" Rank for, umm, JUST KIDDING! Ranks are dumb.