Code of Thieves

At Wize, we have an important mission. Together, we’re building a positive place to thrive in creativity and competition. A place where we connect, build, and compete together in the most amazing game known to mankind. A place where every player can expect decency and respect. So we created The Code of Thieves—the flag bearer’s code. These are the seven principles that guide our sporting spirits and our interactions with our online friends.

  1. First, we believe every person has value and purpose. So we treat each other kindly. We show everyone respect.
  2. We believe there’s no separating Minecraft life from real life. It’s all IRL. The choices we make in Minecraft, the things we chat, have real life consequences. Real smiles. Real pain. The “skins” we meet in Minecraft are not emotionless avatars to be bullied, but real people to be encouraged.
  3. We are only *against* each other as reds and blues in a game. We are here *for* each other as people. As players, we may knock each other down, but as people, we pick each other back up. Good sportsmanship is expected from everyone.
  4. Because our esteem is not forged with kills and wins in a block game, but in our own unique identity and impact as purposeful individuals, we can be exactly who we are—and play—exactly as we are. There’s no need to gain an unfair advantage or to try to be something other than our best selves. Fair play is fun.
  5. We believe planet Earth is no place for hatred, discouragement, trolling, insults, explicit or abusive language, racism, discrimination, self-harm, excessive arguments on religion or politics, or any topics that may contribute to a negative or harmful environment. If you must do these things, consider a life on Mars.
  6. Wize is no place for any topic that may be considered too mature for young players, such as sexuality, drugs or alcohol, or violence.
  7. We believe it’s our job at Wize to create a community that players choose to support and enjoy. We do not punish players for talking about or posting addresses of other servers. Plus, we know we aren’t the only super cool place in the blockosphere.

How we handle misadventure

The idea here is to build a community of players who enjoy a break from toxicity and negativity. We understand Wize is not for everyone. By design, The Code of Thieves has more principles than specific rules. People who honor The Code rarely need detailed rules. And because there is gray area, we expect to make mistakes, to be inconsistent, but also to show grace and patience. By a player's actions and choices, they demonstrate whether or not Wize is a good fit for them.

So we've created our five-stage approach to handling misadventure:

After a period of good clean fun with no offenses, a player may be moved to a lower stage by staff.

For inquiries or help, email

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